FRIAS Family Allocation

TWO Shipments • TWELVE Bottles 

          FALL Release • Oakville Vineyards          Spring Release • Spring Mountain District

Shipping October 1st, 2018                                                     Shipping March 18th, 2019

THREE 2016 FRIAS Prado                                                     THREE 2016 FRIAS Reserva

THREE 2016 FRIAS Block Five                                                   THREE 2016 FRIAS SMD

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FRIAS Grande

TWO Times the Family Allocation

FRIAS Family Allocation Benefits

Premier access to FRIAS Family’s limited-production Cabernet Sauvignon, and exclusive access to FRIAS Family’s restricted Library & Large Format wines

Curated VIP tasting opportunities including special wines

Opportunity to host FRIAS Family on the Road

Complimentary upgrade to expedited shipping in the event of inclement weather

Invitation to join FRIAS Family on exclusive travel adventures

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Lady of the Dead Club

ONE Shipment • TWELVE Bottles 

Dia de los Muertos Release

Shipping October 1st, 2018

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For questions or concerns regarding our Allocation Offerings, please contact us at or call 707-927-5106